This blog is very much under construction now and I hope to be adding some material that is actually useful before May 2012. If this message is still there after this date I have probably lost the password or stamina or both. 

About This Blog

It’s a blog about Dojo and it will contain comments and, above all, examples of how to use Dojo in real life. Stuff that I wish I have had when I started to try to dive into the world of Dojo and javascript.

About Me

I have worked as a product developer for 20+ years and most of that time as a software developer. Almost all of the time I have worked with open source software tools and usually in a Linux environment. I have made some things in Windows Visual Studio but Linux is where I feel most “at home”.

I have used c++ from back when Bjarne Strosrups cfront was the way and up until the very latest gcc. I must have written a few hundred thousand lines of c++ and I have also been on the team that maintained and extended this code base for over 15 years.

Apart from c++ I have used perl, php, the usual command line tools  in Linux (ed,sed,awd, cut etc), sql, javascript, and some other languages and tools that I do not care to remember (like C#, which is a great language in a “strange” environment, but that would be a totally different blog).

See also my very first post: Hello World!

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