My last post

If you hit this blog you will probably realize very quickly that it is not updated very frequently.  Or rather, not updated at all.

The last time I wrote anything here we where at Dojo version 1.8 and now we are up to 1.12 and 2.0 seem to (finally) be in sight, even if I do not recommend to hold your breath..

My project is very much on it’s way with something like 100k+ loc Dojo/javascript plus another 18k+ loc html templates used by the dojo code. All backed up with 80kloc php and 33kloc sql code in the backend. We also started to use d3.js for graphs. D3.js is great for svg generation and way more flexible than the dojox/gfx stuff, albeit a tad more complex to use.

When this is written we are still running Dojo 1.11 and we will upgrade to 1.12 after our next release.

Dojo 2.0

I look forward to Dojo 2.0 with a combination of dread and anticipation. I like what I see when I peek at 2.0 but I do NOT think that “porting” 100000 loc from 1.x to 2.0 well be quick and easy. Also 2.0 will use TypeScript and, I imagine, some features from ECMAScript 2015 something I look forward to.

It would be nice to use Dojo 2.x in the “next generation” of our product where we make a fresh start and remove some quirks that exist purely for historical reasons. But I fear that this is more fantasy than reality since rewriting code is very very rarely good business strategy. Sadly.

Still happy

Dojo documentation is still not top notch but by far but better than before.

But the bottom line is that I am still happy with the choice of Dojo and I have nothing to add to what I said back in 2012. Dojo make it easy, or at least feasible,  to write your own widgets and re-use them. We have created over 400 where some are, a combination of many widgets to form an editor for some complex object and some are simply buttons with some icon. Other widgets may be a graph that fetch data from the backend etc and some are extensions of dijit/form widgets that can handle our specific representation of data.

The last post

As the title indicate I expect this to be the last post on this blog. I make no promises but considering the post frequency so far I think the odds are that it will be.


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